Life's Journey: A Young Italian Peasant In 1899 Travels To South Philadelphia Searching For A Better Life And Love

By Josephine B. Pasquarello
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Based on the real-life experiences of the author’s paternal grandmother, Life’s Journey: A Young Italian Immigrant Peasant in 1899 Travels to South Philadelphia Searching for a Better Life and Love explores the emigration of a young woman, Geltrude Carmela DiLullo, from Italy to the United States at the turn of the twentieth century as part of an arranged marriage.

Along the way, with a lot of hard work and dedication, Geltrude—or Carmela, as she prefers to be called—overcomes enormous obstacles, from her solo journey across the seas to overcoming illness and betrayal; finds love in the life arranged for her; and begins a legacy for her family, which is flourishing still today. 

About the Author

Josephine B. Pasquarello is a writer and public speaker with a passion for her Italian heritage, her hometown of Philadelphia, and family life. As a writer, she regularly contributes short stories to several periodicals. Her first book, Love & Loyalty (2017), is available for purchase now from the Dorrance bookstore online.
An entrepreneur, Pasquarello has successfully operated several small businesses in the Philadelphia area over the years through the same hard work, love, and dedication instilled in her by her family.
The tenth of twelve children, Pasquarello was raised in Philadelphia by an Italian immigrant mother, hailing from a simple background to find success in her life. Now a mother and grandmother, she enjoys travelling, especially to small villages in Italy, and Broadway musicals.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 306