Let There Be Light

By HPIP William C. E. Sayles
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Let There Be Light chronicles the life of HPIP William C. E. Sayles, who has been in the Masonry for forty-six years. All candidates have stood in the Lodge of Freemasonry and the Worshipful Master said to them, “Let there be light.” They were brought to light and were told that now you can receive more light in Masonry.

Sayles will enlighten you on his travels in life and how Masonry helped him and changed his life for the better. This book gives insight to people who right now need some help if they are down in their luck. Readers will find reassurance knowing they can be a country boy but be successful in life.

About the Author

 HPIP William C. E. Sayles was born in Bloomingdale, Ohio. He left the country, went into the Army, and was successful. He moved to Florida and was elected the first black mayor of Placid Lakes, Florida. He was also appointed the first black chairman of the Democrat Party’s twenty-five precincts in Highland County, Florida.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 78