Let Go, Let God

By Carolyn D. Hill
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One of the hardest lessons to learn is learning to let go of your problems, learning to turn them over to the Master Fixer. But, as Rev. Carolyn D. Hill explains in Let Go, Let God, once you do, you will know a peace, contentment, and happiness like no other. "Life is short and it is a great accomplishment to be at peace at all timesI feel that when life deals you problems, if you can, you should fix them, but if they cant be fixed at the moment, accept that, give them to Jesus, and continue to be happy and loving in peace," she writes. "Work like you dont need the money, love like youve never been hurt, and dance like no one is watching." What a great philosophy for todays troubled world! And if we only could all follow that advice, what a more peaceful place we would have.

About the Author

A native of Texas, Rev. Carolyn D. Hill makes her home in Fort Worth, where she is employed in the aerospace industry as a contract management processing analyst and has completed the LM Tactical Aircraft Systems Supervisory Management Skills Program. She is recognized on the Aviation Heritage Museum Wall of Honor at Alliance Airport, Fort Worth, Texas. A member of Toastmaster International and a student of the Dallas Baptist University, Carolyn is ordained a minister and also serves as a church missionary. In her spare time, she enjoys studying the Bible, art, theatre, and being outdoors.

Published: 2004
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