Legend: A Collection Of Poetry

By Nikki Bowers
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Life and human experiences cannot be explained in their entirety. Written histories arent even complete to elucidate every detail of events in the past. Nevertheless, our need for something to believe in is certain, and thats why even in modern days, legends are alive.

Legend: A Collection of Poetry will bring you to see life through a kaleidoscope of deep emotionsjoy, sorrow, hope, and dreadthat tell the tales of today.

Nikki Bowers brings to life known legendary heroes and have them walk through the present battles of humanity. See the wonder of words as you go through each piece and be moved to believe.

About the Author

Nikki Bowers has a deep love for writing ever since she was a little girl. This book is birthed from her passion for the written word, coupled with her creative imagination. Other than writing and reading, the author is also enjoys playing violin, hiking, and swimming.

Published: 2014
Page Count: 50