Last Known Port: A Southern Mystery

By Sue Anger
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 1923 was the year for boats and booze and rag and jazz. And the occasional missing sailor.

"Set in the seaport town of Beaufort, North Carolina at the height of Prohibition, Last Known Port has all the elements of a page-turning mystery: a waterfront setting, lawless greed, foul play and romance. Anger’s knowledge of the Carolina coast, intimate familiarity with small-town life, and detailed research into 1920s Beaufort bring this colorful tale of intrigue to life with a winningly authentic voice." - Bland and Ann Simpson, author and photographer, North Carolina: Land of Water, Land of Sky

"In Last Known Port, Jake Parson, a shell-shocked World War I veteran, is determined to find his missing brother, who was last seen off the waters of Beaufort, North Carolina. Jake investigates how his brother became immersed in the tangled web of rum-running and smuggling during the frenzied days of Prohibition. Racing against time as the danger of discovery piles up around him, Jake faces characters who must make hard choices when their love and loyalty are tested. Anger’s debut novel is fearless, entertaining and heartbreaking—sometimes all at once." - Alice Osborn, author of Heroes without Capes, North Carolina Writers’ Network, Board of Trustees

About the Author

Sue Anger grew up in Beaufort, North Carolina, where the past is always present. As a child, it was easy for Sue to walk around Beaufort’s windy streets, sail her waters and imagine the folks who had passed before her. And she never tires of listening to the stories of the land and the sea.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 276

Customer Reviews

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Melanie Diehl
An enjoyable read set in 1923 Beaufort, NC

Being set in Beaufort, NC was one of the features that drew me to this book. The author has a way of making the reader feel as if they are actually experiencing this historic place with her detailed accounting and descriptions. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and developing my own theory of "who dunnit?" The blend of mystery, history and romance was just right for my taste. Bonus: reading it on the beach near Beaufort on a recent trip made it even better!