King's Mountain Walking Tour Guide

By Robert M. Dunkerly
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Although relatively unknown to most Americans in the twenty-first century, Kings Mountain was nonetheless the site of one of the pivotal battles between the Loyalists and the Americans in the Revolutionary War. This book provides more than a walking tour of the battlefield, it includes maps, orders of battle, and a history of the park and inscriptions on the monuments. In this, the quintessential guide to one of the most decisive American victories in our countrys first war for freedom, Mr. Dunkerly also points out the unique characteristics of the site itself and the historical tidbits with detailed walking directions, Mr. Dunkerly has combined the latest historical and archaeological research available to provide insight as one walks the battlefield trail with the ghosts of the past.

About the Author

A park ranger for the Kings Mountain National Military Park, Robert M. Dunkerly penned this guide in an effort to answer visitors most commonly asked questions.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 44