Keisha's Killing

By Delores Dudley
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Keishas Killing

Surrounded by a loving family, relatives, and friends, Keisha is a small-town girl on the move up to her proper place in society, or is she?

In Keishas Killing, by Delores Dudley, it is tempting to name all that is wrong in the world right now, where the brief snap of a finger may be all it takes to change the course of one persons life. Yet in Keisha, there is that aspect of life, too, that may yet redeem and make up for all the dark notions of living, almost to the point of making them too accidental to be of real consequence.

Find out how a little girls unassuming life unfolds as she ventures outside of the little world she has known, where a deceptively simple turn of events could pose a situation that would challenge the things she has believed all her life.

About the Author

Delores Dudley is a Portsmouth, Virginia native who presently resides in the city. She completed the I.C. Norcom High School in the top five percent of her class, and she received her B.A. degree from Norfolk State College. Delores went on to complete improvement courses through Old Dominion University, Virginia State University, and the University of Virginia. She also earned her Masters Degree in Communications at Norfolk State University. She has earned many forms of recognition for her contributions to her church, community, and her chosen field.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 50