Keepers Of The Light: Look To The Light And Find Me

By S. L. Russell
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Lighthouses have captivated people for generations. Their scenic appearance and fascinating history capture the imagination. In Keepers of the Light, S. L. Russell highlights that mystique in a novel of adventure, intrigue, history, and romance.

Florida's Hillsboro Lighthouse stands as the centerpiece of this tale. A young Coast Guardsman, Mark Medina, is fascinated by it, especially after he experiences some supernatural incidents and realizes he may have a family tie to the place. He enlists the help of a local history teacher to help him unlock its mysteries. In the meantime, Mark begins his duties serving in the Coast Guard, and his adventures in this role also connect back to the mysteries of the lighthouse.

Blending the historical lore of lighthouses with an engaging fictional story, Russell creates a compelling read with Keepers of the Light.

About the Author

S. L. Russell is a native of Kentucky who now resides in Palmer Lake, Colorado. She and her husband, John, a retired Army officer, share three children.

Russell travels often and gathers ideas for books along the way. An author of several other books including Carrying On, Arriba, Free Mail, and 58 Gardens, her interest in lighthouses and her two sons' service in the Coast Guard inspired her to write Keepers of the Light.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 192