Kathy's Bike

By Steven C. McDaniel
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About the Book

Welcome to a story of a family that came together.

Keep an eye on Kathy because she's probably up to something!

Let's go for a ride down "Beaver Hill"

See what determination and effort can do.

We can learn something together today

and teach it to someone else tomorrow.

If you put genuine efforts into your journey

you can trust that good things will happen.

Where did she go this time...

Back to the top of the hill for another ride!

It's a "Little Story With A Big Heart".

Family and friends define us all.

Enjoy this story with yours!

About the Author

Written and illustrated by two friends.

"Kathy's Bike" is dedicated to Mabel M. Curry

"Grandma" and Kenneth John McDaniel.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 38