Just A Moment

By Merredith F. Perkins, PH.D.
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About the Book

In Just a Moment: A Conversation, Merredith F. Perkins, Ph.D. invites readers to join her in a series of dialogues that will lead to greater self-awareness, self-discovery and a way forward in their lives. She offers proven, uncomplicated exercises which she has developed over the years in her own meditations and questions she has asked herself and tried to answer in her journey of inner and external exploration.

For years, Dr. Perkins was a teacher who, in the same method of patient and probing pedagogy that she employs in her new book, encouraged and advanced so many young learners. Now she will be able to guide students of all ages, as they interact and encounter with these enlightening and satisfying “momentous decisions.”

About the Author

Merredith F. Perkins, Ph.D. describes herself as a “late bloomer author.” It was not until she retired from a long and successful career as an English language arts teacher that she took up what is now “dearest to her heart” —sharing her stories in writing.

Dr. Perkins lives in Lanham, Maryland, where she also enjoys line dancing, craftwork, darning and reconstructing old jewelry. Her previous two books: Hi, It’s Me – A Memoir by Toismom and The Saga of Toi and Me – A Memoir recounts the powerfully moving reminiscence of her life with her daughter who died all too early at the age of thirty-nine.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 112