Journey Of A Lifetime: The First 100 Years

By Tatjana Buz Pitts
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With stories of hardship and endurance, of struggle and triumph, of desperation and deliverance, of survival and faith, Journey of a Lifetime: The First 100 Years, is about the life of Ilja Buz, who grew up in a rural village in Russia during the Stalin Era. Intertwined with humorous anecdotes and written in such detail that allows readers to see through his eyes, this book describes his childhood years, his college years, conscription into the army in 1942, and life in the army up to his capture by the Germans. It further describes his life as a POW, post war, and his struggle to start a new life as he moves from Europe to Canada. The author would like readers to see how remarkable her father was and the sacrifices he made to raise a family in a free country. The author would also like them to recognize the dangers of Socialism and what it would cost us in terms of the personal freedoms we currently enjoy / take for granted.

About the Author

Tatjana Buz Pitts has a master’s degree in Instructional Systems and has enjoyed a variety of careers. She owned and operated an antique restoration and retail store, worked in the aerospace industry, and developed web-based training. She and her husband also spent three years in Zimbabwe, Africa as missionaries. Tatjana and her husband are currently retired and live in a small agricultural community in north Florida, where they enjoy country living and farming on a small scale.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 286