John Cabot & Son Sebastian Cabot

By Zario Zolo
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Herein is an informative book about two extraordinary Italian explorers who discovered a New England in North America for the English, and then chunks of eastern South America for the Spanish, like Argentina and Uruguay.

And—a monumental mystery: What happened to one of them, whose four ships and crews disappeared around 1498 off the coast of Venezuela, but not his name, the name of his ship, or the people he sailed for—the English—as revealed in the tags to the flags/icons off the eastern seaboard of the present-day United States in the Great Incunabula Map of the New World by Juan de la Casa of 1500!

And there's more, like how one of them helped put the Great into Great Britain!

Dig in. Bon Appetíte!

About the Author

Zario Zolo was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. After ten years in the USMC he earned a B.Ed. in English from the University of Hawaii and taught in public schools for about twenty-five years, or until his retirement, also about twenty-five years ago.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 52