Jingles Gets A Brother

By Arnette Jackson
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Jingle Gets a Brother

Jingles Gets a Brother is the next volume in the continuing story of an engaging young cat and the people he allows to care for him.

In this entertaining new tale, Paws joins the family as Jingles grows more mature and learns more about his world. Told through the perspective of the two cats, the story introduces Paws as he waits to find a new home. Jingles, although cautious at first, soon comes to appreciate having a companion and playmate, and the two find many new ways to amuse themselves as well as their owner. Jingles Gets a Brother is a warm and comical story that is certain to delight new readers as well as returning fans.

About the Author

Arnette Jackson, formerly of Texas, currently resides in Washington State, where she enjoys the company of her neighbors as well as her cats. Her writing reflects the appreciation she has for family and the love she has for all of her children and grandchildren.

Published: 2014
Page Count: 26