It's Just The Moon

By Joan Marie Mackin
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What is that round, bright thing in the sky at night that seems to be following us wherever we go? Is it a hole? A ball? A balloon? A lollipop? Some sort of light? It is these questions children ask as they view the moon, especially the full moon, for the first time and are able to articulate their wonder, and the explanations they dream up are just amazing when asked what they think it is. Using clever illustrations and age-appropriate verse, Joan Marie Mackin took these childrens words and thoughts and created Its Just the Moon, a wonderful book encouraging a childs interest in space and the world beyond our Earth. What do you think that round, bright thing in the sky at night is?

About the Author

As mother to two daughters, Joan Marie Mackin has fielded many a question about the world that surrounds us, and she drew upon this experience for her creative writing class while attending Cornell University. A manager for American Express TRS Company, Inc., Joan and her daughters make their home in New Jersey, where she is also a member of the local choir at her church and enjoys writing, traveling, and photography in her spare time.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 40