It's A Buggy Summer Break

By Patricia Ralphs
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It's a Buggy Summer Break

After the school year ends, two young sisters, Tiff and Jen, move with their parents to a new home in the country with a big park nearby. The girls are excited about the move because they will live close to their grandma and grandpa, just three blocks away.

Tiff soon befriends Mikayla, a beautiful butterfly, and her side-kick, Tommy, a boy lady bug. It is not long before she realizes that Mikayla is a magical butterfly. Tiff soon discovers that her new friend has a big problem - she cant remember how to use her magical powers correctly! As a result, Tiff finds herself in constant chaos due to Mikaylas magical blunders.

Many friendships develop along the way. Tiff has no idea that these new friends will be unlike any others she has had and that they will take her into a world of numerous adventures and mishaps; the likes of which she could have never before imagined. Tiff not only learns about the power of butterfly magic, but also that friendships can help create a rewarding and positive outcome from even the saddest situation.

About the Author

Patricia Ralphs resides in Riverside, California with her husband and son. Before retiring, she worked in the K-12 educational system as an administrator for the last twenty of her thirty-nine years of service. During this time, she earned her B.A. degree in Business at the University of Redlands and an M.S. degree in Human Resources at Chapman College. Throughout her career she has loved working with dedicated administrators, teachers, and staff in the quest to create a better future for children.

Patricia grew up writing poems, plays, and short stories for her five siblings and friends. Because she found writing fun and rewarding, she made it her life-long goal to one day take some of her works and share them with children. She hopes this book allows them to expand their imagination and encourages their desire to read.

In addition to writing, Patricia enjoys spending time with her family, oil painting, gardening, and decorating.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 142