It Wasn’T Wall Street’S Fault: Para-Macroeconomics With The “Out Of Thin Air” Factor

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By: Bruce Scott McWilliam

About the Book

It Wasn’t Wall Street’s Fault: Para-Macroeconomics with the “Out of Thin Air” Factor is a book by Australian Economist Bruce Scott McWilliam. He advised the White House on 31 January 2009 through the United States Embassy in Canberra Australia on the solution to rescue the U. S. Economy. That advice was taken up by the U. S. Federal Reserve from 18 March 2009.

The book’s revelations include:

• Compelling reasons why The Global Financial Crisis “Wasn’t Wall Street’s Fault.”

• The true causes of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) leading up to 2007-2009

• For the first time he reveals the background and his solution that solved the GFC for the U.S. Government

• The Washington Swamp appears to go back to at least 1999.

About the Author

Author and economist Bruce Scott McWilliam studied at The University of Sydney in the 1960’s where he was conferred a Bachelor of Economics degree. He has had a successful business career and has been Managing Director of many family private companies.

German Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer 22 February 1788 to 21 September 1860 is quoted “Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.”

Published: 2019
Page Count: 150