By Nygie P. Rhodes
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There are many times in our lives where we reach certain stepping stones on the path of life, ones that shape us into who we are meant to be, ones that include temptations, loneliness, and whatever else life decides it wants to throw at us. The catch, though, is to allow ourselves to catch the pitch that life throws at us. We cannot run from loneliness, we cannot run from learning self-discipline, we cannot run from the future of that in which we are about to start building, and we cannot escape social pressure. We have the choices of running or facing these obstacles. But what will running away from them do for us?

Introspection shows us that in life, we can use our God-given gifts as an outlet to bring self-happiness and use those God-given gifts to bring peace to our soul.

About the Author

Nygie P. Rhodes went to college and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Justice and Public Policy along with a Certificate in Paralegal Studies. By the time you read this book, he will already have started law school.

Nygie enjoys performing music, listening to music, and making his own music. In undergrad he was a part of various music ensembles that deepened his love for music. Obviously, another hobby of his is writing poetry. Nygie loves every last one of his siblings and parents deeply. He would not trade them for anything. Lastly, Nygie thanks every friend, teacher, and family member who inspired him to write poetry or certain poems. He even thanks the ones who do not know that they have inspired him.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 58