Intimacies That Occupy Space And Time

By Daniela Drew
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Imagine what your heart might say if no one else was around. Intimacies that Occupy Space and Time considers the range of thoughts, emotions, and experiences of one woman as she continually grows and changes. The artful and expressive poetry of Daniela Drew touches upon timeless themes of family legacy, strength of character, the human struggle, the value of freedom and the depth and range of true love. In sharing her personal Intimacies that Occupy Space and Time, Daniela Drew allows all of us to reflect upon our own lives and those things dear to our hearts.

About the Author

A native of the Dominican Republic, Daniela Drew and her family immigrated to the United States in the 1960s. Although she began writing poetry as a teenager, Daniela truly explored her poetic skills and love for poetry through workshops and readings while studying nursing at Boston University and New York University. In the 1970s, sample of Danielas verse were published in collegiate magazines. In addition to a career as a registered nurse, Daniela has also taught nursing at various colleges and universities in the New York and New Jersey areas. During that time, her poetry remained a more private matter. At last, we can all experience part of Daniela Drews world through Intimacies that Occupy Space and Time, her first published collection.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 36