In The Beginning

By Vera L. Johnson
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About the Book

Youll see Jesus like youve never seen him before. This is the promise Vera L. Johnson makes in the introduction to In the Beginning, a retelling of the well-loved stories of Adam, Eve, and Jesus. Taking the reader all the way back to a time before Genesis, she paints a vibrant picture of heaven and of the beings who live there, imagining their mannerisms and conversations before the world began. Lucifer, originally created for his physical and musical beauty, turns on God and divides heaven, starting the classic struggle between good and evil by showing Eve forbidden fruit. Fast-forward to the time of Jesus. Here Johnson creates a poignant dialogue between father and son as God prepares to send Jesus down to Earth to save mankind from an eternity of torment. Though Lucifer tries to tempt Jesus from his path, Jesus finds strength in his purpose and in those he meets as he ventures into Hell. Highlighted by biblical quotations and words of encouragement from the author, In the Beginning brings favorite characters to life in the Christian story of ultimate sacrifice.

About the Author

Vera L. Johnson, a native of Richmond, Virginia, is a registered nurse at Central State Hospital. When asked what prompted her to write this book, she says, I was between jobs one spring. I always wanted to write a Christmas play for my church, so I began to write and write and write until the book manifested. I was also given a heavenly prompt. In addition to writing, Johnson also enjoys crafting, poems, songs, short stories, baking, and attending Faith Landmarks Ministries.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 86