In My Head

By Ruth Mills
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In My Head is composed of Ruth Mills writings. Writings of her feelings that she has had on going since being diagnosed with bipolar depression at the age of 17. During times of depression, Ruth would write her thoughts and feelings down and this helped her by getting her feelings out. Ruth hopes that her readers are reminded that there is hope and things will get better for them, they just got to believe. Ruth has battled depression for over 30 years and she battles it on a daily basis but she hasn’t given up because she knows that she can survive and live a normal life.

About the Author

Ruth Mills is an animal lover and currently resides at home with her 8 dogs which have all been rescued from local animal shelters. Ruth works at a local animal shelter in her community a job which she loves. There is no greater love then a pets unconditional love.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 98