In Hindsight: The Life, Teachings, And Insight Of A Gay Grandpa

By Norm Brown
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Greatly inspired by the book Life Beyond Measure, Letters to My Great-Granddaughter, by Sidney Poitier, Norman Brown wrote this book that his two granddaughters, Avery and Arden, can read someday, when they reach the age when they can truly understand who Grandpa Norm is, hoping that when they, including his loved ones, friends, and individuals of all walks of life, read his book, they will gain insight into him and what life is all about, as well as to examine his life, from very early childhood to the present. As he embarked on this venture, he is sixty-nine years old. Looking back, he finds that many things that occurred in his life now have greater meaning and clarity. The saying, Hindsight is twenty-twenty, is so true.

About the Author

Norman Brown holds a bachelor of science degree from Colorado State University and a masters degree from Central Michigan University. He currently lives with Eric, his life companion and partner of over twenty years, in Denver, Colorado.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 74