Improving Organizational Security

By Dr. Njideka O. Kelley and Dr. Komlan G. Badake
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; A guide to understanding and preventing inside and outside threats

Improving Organizational Security is a training manual and guide. This guide book will serve as a constant reminder to organization leaders of the undeniable presence of physical and cyber threats that have the potential for devastating impact on infrastructure, finance, and integrity.

Indeed, cyber crime has no borders. Using the tips found within the pages of this guide, threats can be minimized or prevented. Improving Organizational Security focuses on establishing a sound security policy and staff training. The ultimate defense against any organizational threats is the peoples awareness that the threats exist.

Human Capacity Development (HCD) is the core of our consulting firm NEW GENERATION CONSULTING RESOURCE SOLUTIONS LLC Cresco, PA and the focus of our training apparatus, and we can offer various packages to assist organizations in staff development.

About the Author

Dr. Njideka Kelley is an expert in Organizational Leadership and has over 16 years of experience as an administrator with the City of New York. In addition, she holds the position of Head Consultant of Research and Development at a leading EPIC company in Nigeria.

Dr. Kelley has a passion for learning and has studied around the world.

Among several other degrees in her field, she holds a Doctorate in Management and Organizational Leadership. She holds degrees in Government and Politics (with concentration in International Relations), Linguistics, and a Masters Certificate in International Law and Diplomacy. She has published several childrens books, writes weekly columns in international papers such as the SUN newspaper in Nigeria, and has contributed to the Energy Section of The Nation in Nigeria. Dr. Kelley is fluent in Kiswahili and resides with her family in Cresco, Pennsylvania, USA.

Dr. Komlan G. Badake, amongst several other degrees and awards, holds a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership. He has also studied and holds degrees in Diplomacy & International Relations, Political Science and Economics.

Dr. Badake is an expert in Leadership Development training, Conflict Resolution and Negotiation. Dr. Badake brings with him over 15 years of teaching, course development and implementation to NEW GENERATION CONSULTING, and is fluent in French. He and his family now reside in New York City.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 54