Ignite The Passions

By Deborah W. Jones
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Learn how to please your partner sexually in this interactive book that is based on Deborah W. Joness experience with relationships throughout the years. Ignite the Passions stresses how imperative effective communication is to the development of quality sexual relationships. She offers the ingredients to concoct an exciting, fun, and energetic sex life. Now, its your turn to take the advice and run!

About the Author

Deborah W. Jones lives in Florida, where she has been a transit bus operator for over twenty-four years. She is married to Noah Jones and has two children, Teagion and Vanzetta. Deborah is interested in the study of astrology and enjoys watching romance, comedy, and drama movies. She also avidly listens to music with male vocalists. This is her first published book.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 32