“Idaho’S Crown Jewel” Priest Lake

By Tom Holman
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“Idaho’s Crown Jewel” Priest Lake

Every now and then, a prize stands out as if light and nature conspired to create a masterpiece. There is nothing better than to find that scene that speaks to me in a special way, knowing that life thrives on beauty. As we view nature as beautiful as it is, we must remember why we must protect it and where it has come from.

Priest Lake, Idaho, dubbed “Idaho’s Crown Jewel,” is truly a breathtaking creation by God. Author Tom Holman is forever inspired by its marvelous grandeur. His exquisite photography and flowing poetry has been captured in this book. We as creatures of this earth must remember to have an appreciation for our environment and love of God.

About the Author

Tom Holman has been a resident of Priest Lake for over fifty years. He is a charter member of the Priest Lake Kaniksu Lions Club and also member of many nonprofit organizations. Tom is active in the Priest Lake Chamber of Commerce.

Tom has been married to his wife for over forty years. Together they own and operate a photo gallery that features nature photography, poetry, candles, and many other items of interest of their gallery visitors. Additionally, Tom is also active with the Priest Lake Community Church as deacon.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 242