I Must Explain This

By Beloved Karen
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In I Must Explain This, the author shares personal observations from within and from outside herself concerning life.

She talks of self-mastery, examining and changing your perspective, learning to be useful to yourself and others, all in an effort to help readers look deep within and outside themselves and decide to begin a journey of solving problems and not adding to them. This book is about life anywhere, and it is a call to action on all levels, but that journey starts from within.

About the Author

Karen Theodore was born and raised in Saint Lucia in the Caribbean. She has always been concerned about other people, even if they did not sound or look like her. She has always thought it within herself to have the capacity and potential to help make her life better and other people’s lives better. Karen loves speaking Saint Lucian Creole, because it can be a little dramatic at times; it can also be a little more exciting than the English language, and it can be very musical, as in having great life within itself. Karen is an observer of herself and other people with the intention of gaining understanding to be as useful as possible to herself and others for the greater good. The author believes that there is a High power that fashioned all things. She is a full-time actor in New York, a part-time babysitter, a full-time writer, a full-time professional, teacher, tutor, leader, thinker, strategist, friend, Certified Peer Specialist, advocate, and a full-time business woman. Karen believes in Jesus The Christ of Nazareth, the one spoken of in The King James Bible. Yes, before COVID-19 she was very involved in her community. She is looking forward to this book being in the minds, hearts, and hands of many people, even those who think we share little in common.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 146