I Messed Up, But The Church Let Me Down

By Eroll J. Sweat
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My name is Erroll J. Sweat and I was born in Six Ward of Houston, TX., and am a Design Engineer for a company that serves the Oil and Gas Industry. Over the past 15 years I have been reverse engineering OEM parts and I love the wide range of skill-sets that accompanies it.

I’m actively involved in both my church and my home community, where I serve others with a glad hands and a godly heart. One of my greatest physical passions is playing golf with my friends on a regular basis.

Roslin and Jaylin have been a great support system and they have cheered me along the way. I could not be all that I have longed to become without their love and prayer investments.

I’m becoming an inspiring writer and long to build a portfolio with a number of additional reads to come. “I Messed Up, But the Church Let Me Down” is my first, but it won’t be my last. Currently, I’m contemplating two additional books entitled, “Parallel Love Lanes” and “What’s Your Score in The Game of Life?” respectively. One chronicles a true to life story of two marriages as one is manufactured by man and the other is managed by his Maker. The other takes a page out of the game of golf and parallels it to life

Lisa Brown, “OH MY GOD!!! You did an AMAZING WORK!!!! I got teary-eyed a few times. Your writing is so engaging which made for fast reading. I love how it flows from one chapter to the next. I especially appreciate the sentence/phrase/question that introduced each chapter section.”

Kimberly Williams, “This is great work! You were very telling and very forthcoming. I liked that. That was awesome! I loved your descriptions of events, too. Your chapter topics are on point. I can tell you placed a lot of time and thought into this book and you get an 'A' for that! <<< the teacher in me<<<.”

Published: 2018
Page Count: 150

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Hope Lang
The subject is interesting and relevant to how the church is viewed today.

The book is well written and includes points well worth discussing.