I Lost 10 Stone (140 Pounds) In One Year

By Tim Weiss
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About the Book

Author Tim Weiss went on a diet last year and lost 10 stone (140 pounds). Tim wants to try and help as many people who want to lose weight as he possibly can through his book, I Lost 10 Stone (140 Pounds) in One Year. It guides you through to making better and healthier choices in what you eat. Tim takes readers through the four stages that he went through on his weight loss journey.

This is not a diet book. Its a lifestyle change in how we eat our meals. Most of us eat readymade meals, eat out or get takeaways. This style of eating has made us put weight on. This book informs readers on how they can lose all of that weight while looking and feeling so much better. Any person looking for weight loss, dieting, slimming or lifestyle change should read I Lost 10 Stone (140 Pounds) in One Year.

About the Author

Tim Weiss is a very devoted single dad of two girls. He is a very loving caring man whos not afraid to show his emotions. Tim has a very strong mind and is also a very determined person. He uses the strength of his mind to get through difficult times, by always remembered his goal in losing his weight. He was strong and determined and lost 10 stone (140 pounds) in a year.

An avid sportsman, Tim often watches his favourite football team play. He also has all the time in the world for his love of animals and children.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 84