How Charlie, His Great-Great Grandfather, And Supermax Saved The World

By Stephen W. Peterson, M.D
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How Charlie, His Great-Great Grandfather, and SuperMax Saved the World approaches the climate change that is expected sixty years from now.

A young boy, Charlie, in 2080, is troubled as his parents are researching an approaching storm. They are scientists studying climate changes and become alarmed as the storm is the worst ever. Charlie’s parents have given him a supercomputer for company, and Charlie and the supercomputer have become pals.

As Charlie wonders aloud if something can be done to lessen the dangerous weather, his supercomputer pal suggests a way—time travel back to when his great-great grandpa was POTUS and in a position to change the climate for the better!

How Charlie, His Great-Great Grandfather, and SuperMax Saved the World will interest grammar school-age children as it describes the problem of climate change, which is all too real, and shows how a brave boy from the future could, with help from a genius computer, travel back in time and change his great-great grandpa's position on climate change to save humankind and leave a beautiful earth for all.

About the Author

Stephen W. Peterson, M.D., is a psychiatrist practicing in Washington, D.C. He is married and has three adult children and two young granddaughters. As they came along, he has become very interested in ways to improve the climate. He is especially interested in trying to help his grandchildren, as well as everyone's grandchildren, to be left with a beautiful earth.

Dr. Peterson is a member of the steering committee, Climate Psychiatry Alliance, and the American Psychiatric Association's Caucus on Climate and Mental Health.

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Published: 2020
Page Count: 30