Homebound, Part 1 Featuring Muchbreak Brittlebone

By W. W. Wooley Jr.
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Homebound, Part 1, Featuring Muchbreak Brittlebone: A Special Education Play Designed for Easy Reading follows a string of real events, framed by a fictional meeting of the individuals connected to the real events. It is an effort to characterize those people and those events.

About the Author

W. W. Wooley Jr., a native of Alabama, earned an AB degree at Birmingham-Southern College. He did undergraduate work at the University of Colorado and the University of Alaska for teacher certification. Later he studied at American Technological University at Killeen, Texas, and worked as an instructor in Special Education.

Wooley served in the military off and on over a period of thirty years, surviving three wars, including the one in Vietnam.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 94