Holding On To Hope: A Look Into A Child's Journal Of Survival

By Wendy O’Neil
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Holding on to Hope recounts Wendy O’Neil’s experiences of child abuse at the hands of her father, brother, and other people in her life. Through perseverance and faith in God, O’Neil learned how to survive from childhood into adulthood, giving grace to God for helping her to survive.

The memories within will help young people experiencing times of struggle know that they can survive, as long as they never give up and take their power back. A unique perspective on survival, Holding on to Hope encourages survivors of child abuse to keep the faith that there are better times ahead.

About the Author

Wendy O’Neil works with people one-on-one who are victims, or people that are family members of survivors. As a survivalist of primitive living, O’Neil loves to teach people how to live off the grid. She loves to garden, and loves being in the mountains outdoors.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 148