Hey, Teenager! Do You Want A Happy Life? Read On!

By Leo Edward Wourms
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Youth is wasted on the young, according to Oscar Wilde, and most teenagers arent aware of it. Teenage years are the most confusing period of a persons life. It is the time when you try to do just about anything that piqued your interest without giving it much thought. It is the time when you try to discover who you are and the time when you listen more to the advice of your peers rather than your parents. You just want to feel the joys and the fun that adventure brings without knowing the results. The thing is teenagers are vulnerable. There are many things they may not handle well.

Leo Edward Wourms wrote a simple guide on how to deal with some of the challenges facing teenagers today including sex, drugs, and alcohol. He presented helpful tips in overcoming shyness and improving self-esteem, acquiring skills, the proper way of interacting with people of different ages and status, and appreciating little deeds that may open doors to lasting happiness and friendship. Hey, Teenager! teaches the youth on how to live a balanced, well-rounded life that may lead them to happiness that no amount of money can buy. And for those adults who behave like teenagers, well, they may also want to learn a thing or two from Mr. Wourms.

About the Author

Leo Edward Wourms is a happily married father of nine children, as well as a former business owner. He was born in Dayton, Ohio where he also received his associate degree in business from Sinclair Community College. He is now retired and lives in Houston, Texas, with his wife.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 38