By Norman J. Santos
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About the Book

Anyone can be a Helper its our choice. But sometimes, responsibility is thrust upon us whether we want it to or not.

Helper is a riveting tale of friendship, family, teamwork and trust, delighting readers of all ages. The story begins with bus driver Willie Randall, who loves nothing more than to help people. He listens to his passengers struggles and encourages them to be their best selves. But what will Willie do when the most generous, jolly old man needs his help this Christmas season? Santa Claus has enlisted Willie, but its going to be harder than any Helper job he has had before.

With the help of some old friends and new ones, Willie prepares for the most important Helper job of his life. Join him through his many adventures and mishaps.

About the Author

If there was one Christmas gift that author Norman J. Santos would ask for, it would be to see himself, his brother and his sisters being delivered from their parents. He wants to see the joy on his parents faces and the pride in their hearts as they provided the journeys of life to each member of his family. They guided and loved them throughout all of their individual and collective lives to some pretty terrific destinations.

Through the story of Helper, Santos honors his dads memory. His father and mother did not graduate from elementary or high school, but their love and hard work helped pave the way for Santos brothers rise to the Mayor of San Leandro, his sister Arlines retirement as a successful Telephone Company manager, his sister Jeanettes talented singing voice as well as being a mother of six, and for himself, the author of this book. Inspiration for Helper came from the love and peace his family has given him.

Readers might find Santos, his wife, two daughters, and four grandchildren strolling around Santas Village. He loves them all and is extremely proud of all their accomplishments. They are all fabulous helpers.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 162