"Heff's Band Aides" A Compilation Of Techniques Presented For The Benefit Of The Aspiring Music Teacher! By Eugene Heffelfinger University Of Michigan '49 B.M, M.M.

By Eugene Heffelfinger
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Having taught music for more than sixty years, Mr. Heff has not only gained valuable experience and knowledge, but has also discovered and utilized techniques that bring out the best in his students. This is the information he hopes to share with his fellow music teachers, the students, and even readers who wish to become more informed about the process of educating musicians!

Following an exhaustive discussion of functions that apply to ALL performers, there are chapters devoted to each instrument used in todays wind ensembles. Subsequent sections deal with rehearsal techniques, conducting, music appreciation, private lessons and much more, at times, daring to challenge the reader with, perhaps controversial concepts, guaranteed to stimulate discussion among his many colleagues!


Heffs Band Aides by Eugene Heffelfinger, might best be titled Chicken Soup from the Heart of a Great Teacher. With a brilliant mixture of wit and wisdom, Mr. Heffelfinger distills his many years of teaching experience into spoonfuls of practical, every day; common sense advice. Teachers of all ages will benefit from the concise commentary of this book and will be readily able to put these teaching tips to good use the day after reading the material covered. Thanks to Heff for such a useful collection of ideas!

-Michael Haithcock, Director of Bands and Instrumental Studies, University of Michigan

Lots of good hints and practical advice, most of which could only be found through having had many years of valuable experience! Percussion stuff is spot on!

-Scott Harding, PHD, Faculty: Music Department, C.M.U.

The book has a lot of useful information for everyone; new directors, and old ones! Even if one disagrees with some of the material, it serves, at least, to stimulate discussion. I learned a lot and Im sure others will, too!

-Joseph Dobos, Director of Bands, East Lapeer HS, Lapeer, MI

To tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed every page of your book would be an understatement. You have a humorous, whimsical and unpretentious style that makes for delightful reading. As a young teacher (1953), oh what I would have given for such a book! The practical knowledge you gained by experience and have put in writing would be a godsend for all young instrumental teachers.

-Fritz Stansell, President of Blue Lakes Fine Arts Camp

About the Author

Eugene Heffelfinger was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania and, after graduation from Catasauqua High School in 1943, enlisted in the Navy V-5 program as an Aviation Cadet. When the war ended, he was encouraged to study music at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Upon graduation, and marriage to college sweetheart (and piano accompanist), Phyllis Gene Statler, he enjoyed 15 years as band and choir director in Vassar, Michigan. The final years of a very satisfying career were spent teaching instrumental music in the Flint Hamady Schools, Westwood Heights School District. After formal retirement, Heff has continued the teaching of private lessons, the joys of which have inspired the writing of Heffs BAND Aides for the benefit of those who also want to experience the satisfaction to be derived fromBEING A TEACHER.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 94