Heart Adventures With Puppygirl: Rock Gardens

By Barbara A. Johns
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Join PuppyGirl as she travels across the country with her BigBestFriend to California to see God’s rock gardens and many other wonders along the way!

Heart Adventures with PuppyGirl: Rock Gardens is written to promote “together life” between children and their “BigBestFriend.” The first in a series is The Lake, second is Wrinkle Twinkles and the third is Rock Gardens. PuppyGirl is endearing as she experiences adventures of the heart with her BigBestFriend and JesusSaviorFriend, Who is always with them to explain how the adventure is pleasing to God’s heart and that His love and grace is to be shared with others.

About the Author

Barbara A. Johns is a retired nurse, having spent 33 years in the field. She began writing the Heart Adventures with PuppyGirl series while travelling from Pennsylvania to California with her constant companion, Abby, a registered therapy dog and inspiration for PuppyGirl.

In addition to writing, Johns is a public speaker, promoting love and Jesus in an effort to make the world a better place and less scary for children as they face challenges in today’s world. She also enjoys writing poetry and ballroom dancing. She is currently working to complete a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies/Theology from Trinity College.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 38