Hard Hitter

By Kaylee Losey
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Raelyn DeRose has it all -- almost. She has great friends, a job she loves, and a wonderful family. Her love life, however, is a little lacking. After a failed engagement, she's on a bit of a hiatus from men and definitely feeling the effects of her dry spell. When she catches an article about the booming professional baseball career of her former childhood best friend, she can't help reminiscing and feeling as though she might have lost her shot at real love ages ago.

Meet Quinn Casey: Major League All-Star, hard-hitter, and, okay, he's kind of a sex icon. When Quinn finds out he'll be sitting out the season due to an injury, he gets called back home to deal with something he thought he'd left in the past. Not only is he confronted with his beyond-complicated relationship with his heroin-addicted mother, but he's also thrown a curveball when he runs into his childhood best friend at his first physical therapy session.

It's obvious there is still a lot of steam between these childhood sweethearts, but will their passion -- and let's not forget, amazing sex -- for each other be enough to hit a home run? Or will this hard-hitter strike out on love?

About the Author

Kaylee Losey lives in Michigan with her husband and three dogs. She is a fitness enthusiast, bookworm, and lover of nature, wine, and dogs. 

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32