Handbook For All Pet Guardians (New And Experienced): Includes Little-Known Facts That Could Save Your Pet’s Life

By Carole Nailen
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Animals deserve the same thoughtfulness and consideration that we give our fellow man. They feel emotions, have healing properties, and teach human beings so much about the world around us. When we have pets, it is our duty to protect them, love them, and keep them safe. Adopting a pet requires planning and preparation, as does caring for this animal throughout its entire lifetime. 

This handbook is designed to educate pet owners on how to find the best pet for your home, how to care for them, and also how to keep them safe from harmful situations. Additionally, this manual cites ways to protect animal rights and health even outside of your own home via the food you eat, products you buy, and companies you support. 

Animals deserve our love and respect, and they need our help in staying safe in this world. 

About the Author

Carole Nailen has spent over 25 years of her life rescuing cats and dogs; she founded her own charity, Pets for Happy Homes, where all proceeds go to the case of animals and more. Her passion for animal rights inspired her to educate the masses through her writing, and she is hopeful that animal abusers will be stopped and be brought to justice in her lifetime. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her two dogs and one cat. 

Published: 2021
Page Count: 96