By P.S. Lewis
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Hagar was the second wife of Abram, the man who would eventually become Abraham, the man chosen by God to father Isaac, the Son of Promise, from whose seed mankind would be delivered from sin.

Hagar, however, was not the mother of Isaac. She was destined to follow a different path, one that would see her fall from great standing in society to the woes of slavery only to rise up again, due in no small part to her faith in the One God.

Hagar is a footnote in the Book of Genesis. She holds no great standing in minds of most modern Christians, but that does not make her story any less important or any less compelling. Within these pages, you will find an account of Hagar’s life that, while fictional, is based on what little we do know about her from the Bible and what we know about the time period from history. Join Hagar on her incredible journey and learn what faith in God can do to change the life of a person for the better.

About the Author

P . S. Lewis attended Arkansas State University with the goal of learning the art of writing. She has enjoyed her journey with Hagar, and she hopes that you, dear reader, enjoy it also.

From the Author: “I have taken poetic license telling Hagar’s story as my heart and mind began to know her by the scripture. I searched and searched the traditions, customs, and moors of her time in history. May God bless you as you join me on this journey.”

Published: 2019
Page Count: 236