Grown But Never Grew

By Poochie Faye
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About the Book

Grown but Never Grew is a candid autobiographical work that grew out of the authors attempts to sort out her own confusion and the turmoil she experienced in learning to deal with people and difficult situations. After struggling to overcome drug addiction, in recovery she found that she had picked up may addictive behaviors that would continue to bring problems and troublesome people into her live. Living a confused, desolated, isolated, and guilt-ridden life, she admitted that her life was not turning out as she wanted, and she found, with faith, the courage to overcome the obstacles stopping her from living the life she desired. Eventually, the God of her understanding brought her back almost full circle into relationship with her own spirituality and her family.

Grown but Never Grew offers blunt advice and wisdom that any struggling reader can relate to, whether the issue is addiction, abuse, or inter-personal difficulties. Poochie Faye shares her own experiences, including avenues available and some key steps she used to ensure her own recovery, in the hope of helping others to understand themselves.

About the Author

Poochie Faye is a native of Mississippi and currently lives in Michigan. The mother of one and grandmother to four, she loves baking and fishing and enjoys going to the gym. Her greatest joys now come from her family and being around people, and she celebrates that she is now enjoying living a simple life and offers her gratitude to all those who served as a positive influence along the way.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 62