Governance By Demigods

By Harry L. Bowles
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Governance by Demigods is a shocking revelation of the real government in America: the shadowy government that is hidden from public view, a group of rulers totally unaccountable to the public. This real government of overlords is unelected and holds office for life. Our founders, naïve and with high moral values, created a monster that cannot be controlled. These shadow rulers, bonded in fealty, work in obscurity without accountability, without oversight, without fear of reprisal. The resulting quagmire of corruption has twisted, subverted, and reduced our Constitution to nothing more than a quaint archaic document used to brainwash children, teachers, and the general public with the notion that the continual erosion of our sacred birthrights is for the greater good.

Like the Wizard of Oz hiding behind the curtain, these overlords hide in broad daylight, in black robes and expensive suits—the lawyers and judges of the corrupt and entrenched American judicial system.

About the Author

Harry L. Bowles, a non-lawyer, has practiced law since 1964, over fifty years, in all jurisdictions including the U.S. Supreme Court. He also gained further notoriety by becoming the first person from the State of Texas to try a case in the United States Court of Claims, winning a summary judgment against the federal government, in the process being honored by the U.S. Congress in their passage of The Property Owner’s Bill of Rights.

In 1990, inspired by a lifetime of abuse by the judiciary, Bowles formed “Advocates for HONEST, ETHICAL, LEGAL PRACTICE–Texas” (HELP–Texas) for the specific purpose of reforming what he terms “the most corrupt legal system in the history of the world,” a system that is corrupt by actual design.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 92