God's Will And Purpose: Living With A Scandalous Woman

By Reverend Donnell Wright
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About the Book

Gods Will and Purpose traces the experiences of Tyler, a man struggling to accept the difficult failure of his first marriage, who soon meets an intriguing young woman named Mona. As their relationship develops, he gradually learns more about Mona and about himself as he embarks on a life-changing spiritual journey. Despite his love for her and her children, they appear to repeatedly be working at cross-purposes much to his frustration and the events that unravel cause him to examine the values and principles by which he lives. His quest to find Gods intended path for his life and his encounters with very real and difficult personal challenges are portrayed in an engaging narrative that will draw the reader into his search for Gods Will and Purpose.

About the Author

Donnell Wright lives in Maryland with his wife Natarsha and son Jalil. He holds a degree in electronics, has studied business management and business law, and is now self-employed, working with Wright, Scott and Associates LLC. Mr. Wright also serves as a board member for Southern Baptist Community Development Corporation, and he is a member of the Southern Baptist Church. His personal interests include boxing, football, baseball, cooking, cars, and gardening. Gods Will and Purpose is the authors first published book.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 68