God Loves Santa Claus Too

By Evelyn Young
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God Loves Santa Too

Sally, Tim, and their mother discuss the existence of Santa and God just before Christmas. This is a conversation known to many Christian families with young children excited for the holiday. Their conversations and prose are punctuated by the delightful and bright images of the season.

It is good and important to believe in the magic and generosity of Santa Claus as a child. God Loves Santa Too encourages this belief while also hinting, ever-so-lightly at the efforts of the parentsboth financial and notto maintain the magic of Santa Claus. We also are reminded of the importance of Jesus during this season.

God Loves Santa Too is sure to leave your heart warmed and ready for the Christmas season.

About the Author

Evelyn Young was born in Tukerman, Arkansas. She now resides with her husband in Batesville, Arkansas, which they love very much. She has two children and two grandchildren whom she credits with giving her the courage to write and publish this book.

In addition to writing, she also enjoys hiking, camping, working at her church, and working for fundraising events. Her church has always held a primary role in her life, as a strong church will be there in prayer, providing strength and courage.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 28