Get-A-Long Poems: And Other Conundrums Of Childhood

By Dr. Beverly Kastelic Long
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Theres a monkey on the table/Said my Fathers sister, Mabel/Hell eat pancakes if hes able/Get that monkey off the table!

The quirky poems of Dr. Beverly Kastelic Longs Get-A-Long Poems: And Other Conundrums of Childhood are relatable, laughable, and often quite outlandish. She effortlessly captures the misgivings and misfortunes of childhood with sing-song rhymes and nursery rhyme inspiration. Whether shes weaving tales of gypsies stealing her sister (only to quickly give her back), humorously exploring her brothers affinity for playing dot-to-dot with his chicken pox, or the tooth fairy and her life of crime, Beverlys simplistic words and colorfully woven tales are worthy of any childs nighttime reading ritual. Beverly first began creating poems to amuse her four small children. Get-A-Long Poems serves as a remembrance of her childrens youth and of their antics, which did and still do provide her with endless inspiration.

About the Author

Dr. Beverly Kastelic Long has been in the educational field for more than thirty-seven years, first as a teacher and then as a school administrator. Although she is now retired from her position as a school administrator, she continues to work alongside principals and teachers as a research associate in the areas of quality teaching and formative assessment, both of which she has dedicated much of career. Beverly and her husband, Robert, have four children: Robert (25), William (23), Benjamin (21), and Elizabeth (20).

Published: 2014
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