Fun At The Festival

By Laura Abrego
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Fun at the Festival is about a little boy who reluctantly goes to his very first fall festival with his family and best friend and finds himself having a wonderful time surrounded by all the new sights, sounds, activities, and laughter.

About the Author

Laura Abrego is a married, mother of one. She taught Pre-K for four years and has been teaching Spanish for the last three years. She also teaches folklorico for an enrichment program after school and has done choreography for quinceañeras for the last twenty years. Abrego explains that Fun at the Festival “is actually based on my own family’s visit to a fall festival. My husband and I took our son when he was about six years old to a fall festival and he had a lot of fun participating in all the different activities. When writing this book, I also thought about my students. Growing up in South Texas many of my students and former students come from humble backgrounds and have never traveled out of the valley. In our part of Texas, we don’t see much fall weather. I wanted to write a book where students can envision what it would be like to visit a real pumpkin patch and fall festival while reading.”

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 30