From The Spirit Within

By Maria Vasilopoulos
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A classic and timeless collection of poetry, praising a glorious Creator the One whose love is reflected in all that is life is displayed with exuberance in From the Spirit Within. Maria Vasilopoulos presents her deep belief in the eternal love of this creative force, found in everything and everywhere! With a poignant gratefulness and steadfast passoin, this book exhorts the spirit of every living being to give exceeding glory to the One whose love endures forever. Ms. Vasilopoulos challenges us to search our hearts and open our minds to see the majesty of life, with the eyes and wisdom that come From the Spirit Within. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Maria Vasilopoulos immigrated to the United States thirty years ago to pursue the American dream. She earned a masters degree and worked as a chemical engineer. Eight years later, she resigned and traveled extensively. She has lived in Boston for the past quarter of a century, where she practices massage therapy and resides with her son. During this time, Maria created this volume of poetry inspired by personal experiences and her heartfelt desire to understand he relationship to life, love, nature, and God. Her hobbies include her work, writing, traveling, movies, and, of course, exploring and being in love with life.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 88