Forgiving The Father I Never Knew: (A Journey To Peace)

By Rev. Andr E. Keeley Sr.
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Forgiving the Father I Never Knew (A Journey to Peace)

When a child grows up without a father, what is left in the childs life is not a simple absence. It is an absent presence, the constant awareness and presence for the child of a crucial missing figure.

In Forgiving the Father I Never Knew (A Journey to Peace) Rev. Andr E. Keeley Sr. explores the impact of the issue as it shaped his own life. In the end he gives us a universal message of release, peace, and freedomand the discovery, in the place of his biological earthly father, of the Father.

About the Author:

Rev. Andr E. Keeley Sr. is ordained in the Evangelical Lutheran Church, and has served two parishes. He also holds a Masters Degree in City Planning and Public Policy Analysis.

He is an avid runner, and his varied interests include writing poetry and prose and studying music and theology, all with the particular aim of the development and growth of the spiritual lifeboth his and others.

He has four children, and lives happily together with his wife, Crystal.

Published: 2016
Page Count: 62