Food Facts, Myths, And Healthy Diets

By Prof. Devareddy Narahari, Ph.D.
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Nearly half of a person’s health is controlled by his or her food and food habits. However, with the rise of certain food myths and widespread confusion over nutrition science, it has become increasingly difficult to separate fiction and fact. In Food Facts, Myths, and Healthy Diets, Prof. Devareddy Narahari, Ph.D. analyzes the latest nutritional research from universities and hospitals. His conclusions provide clear and actionable steps for everyone to transform his or her health.

This book outlines how dietary changes can help control arthritis, blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, and more chronic conditions and illnesses. Dr. Narahari provides information on calories, fats, fiber, food additives (chemicals), genetically modified foods and organic foods, water requirement and quality, and herbs and spices while taking no side but the truth. 

Food Facts, Myths, and Healthy Diets provides both the science and the details to create a longer and healthier life.

About the Author

Prof. Devareddy Narahari, Ph.D. has contributed numerous articles to various professional publications, including over 300 research/scientific/commercial papers in various scientific/trade journals and magazines. He has written 18 books, including two books on cholesterol, Cholesterol Myths and Facts and Cholesterol, Fats, and Healthy Diets. He is an editorial board member for eleven scientific and trade journals and has provided consultation services to the food, feed, and pharmaceutical industries for the past 40 years.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 244