Fish Culture In Yellowstone National Park: The Early Years: 1900-1930

By Frank H. Tainter, Ph.D.
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This tiny record of a historical event in our history is what Fish Culture in Yellowstone National Park is all about. Frank H. Tainters father, uncles, and grandfather all worked on fish culture details for the former U.S. Bureau of Fisheries in the park during the teens and 1920s. Their experiences provided the inspiration for this book.

Frank never worked in the park on the fish culture program. He never would have been able to write this history if his father had not taken many photo snapshots of his experience there. As a retired scientist, Frank tried to include as many references and resource credits as possible so that future readers and users could find more related materials. This book is intended as a sort of in the trenches record of a historical event and secondly for its entertainment value.

About the Author

Frank H. Tainter, Ph.D. lives in Bozeman, Montana

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 198