Finding Shared Understanding Between African Americans And The Police Through Simulated Experiences

By John Pilz
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In this well-researched book, John Pilz provides context and information to help foster understanding of different cultures, especially those who are frequently in conflict. His specific focus is on police and African Americans. This book will show that once you walk in another’s shoes, you will understand and develop empathy for those you did not before.

About the Author

John Pilz is a police officer in Minnesota for over 27 years. He has worked as patrol duty, investigator, narcotics detective, and K9 handler. He has spent 22 years as a SWAT operator and team leader.

Pilz is a graduate of the FBI Academy session #222. He holds an Education Doctorate Degree through Saint May’s University of Minnesota, a Master’s degree in Police Leadership through the University of Saint Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota, and a Bachelor’s degree through Metro State University.

Pilz is also a high school baseball coach and father of six children.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 200