Feeble Tyranny

By Jason P. Sumner
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Feeble Tyranny offers a blend of science fiction, adventure, and romance. Set in the future aboard a vast research vessel set to study the moons of Saturn, it explores relationships and racial tensions in a compelling and captivating tale. Aboard the Prometheus, Cleo a fiercely independent, strong, and intelligent young woman faces new challenges that lead her to discover her own gifts, both emotional and mental. Ash is a gifted psionic who has grown accustomed to the prejudices of other humans through the tragedies of his past. Together, they face the unexpected. When Pritican refugees seek assistance in fighting off a brutal attack by another race who seek to enslave them, the Humans join in a complex struggle that threatens not only their own lives but the future of Earth and forces them to confront issues that are dividing their own society. Feeble Tyranny brings together an intriguing collection of individuals from vastly divergent races. Fighting for survival, they discover that they may have more in common than any of them could have imagined.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 106