Eyes On The Ball: How To Identify And Avoid 'Scam Programs' On The Net

By Cornelius Adewale
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About the Book

This is an enlightening and comprehensive review of the myriad get rich quick schemes so prevalent on the internet and helpful suggestions as to how to best avoid being victimized.

Among the most common scam programs available are Multi-Level Marketing and Pyramid sales approaches, which offer nave, would-be entrepreneurs promises of enormous financial gain for very little investment. Without fail, however, these programs prove to only benefit those who have created these dubious ploys, which ultimately dupe millions of dollars annually from gullible consumers. Most scams predate the internet but have found new targets with the recent technological explosion brought forth by the web. In vivid detail, Mr. Adewale explains how people fall victim to these promises while demonstrating methods to reveal the crooked nature of their intentions.

About the Author

A native of Nigeria, Cornelius Adewale has a B.Sc. in theology, an advanced diploma in management, a diploma in computer studies, and a certificate in computer-audit systems. An ex-banker and trained EDP auditor, he is currently a freelance net-preneur/ marketer of digital information. He and his wife, Roseline, have four children.

Besides writing, Mr. Adewale enjoys computer/internet-related business books, journals, and magazines, and playing indoor games. He is also the author of Computer-Audit as an Agent of Control in Management Information Systems and How to Make Genuine Money from the Internet through Google.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 54